centrum ganspoel

Centrum Ganspoel helps people with a visual and/or multiple disability to live and learn in a safe environment.


Centrum Ganspoel asked us to put their mission and values into words, and translate this to a clear branding concept and a complementary website. We were determined to let clear-cut luminous colours dominate the branding, forming a recognizable basis to all online and offline communication.


Colourful shapes, images and language

The original assignment was to finetune the corporate identity of Centrum Ganspoel. Soon a full rebranding followed, where we also freshened up the logo. The same luminous colours return throughout the design and were combined with charming and colourful photos.

Powerful storytelling filled with heart-warming testimonies were written and complimented their brand.

A catchphrase to remember

Centrum Ganspoel asked us to come up with a powerful catchphrase, containing their three most important aspects: care, education and expertise.


Images tell stories

Photography for this project was both a challenge and a blessing. We wanted to express the warmth and security Centrum Ganspoel gives to its guests. The result is colourful imagery that shows the true heart of Ganspoel.


We left nothing to chance when creating the Ganspoel branding. When choosing the colours, fonts and other graphic elements we kept into account the availability for visually impaired people. Furthermore, we made sure that our client learned to work with the new brand elements, so they can create new branded documents without our help.

Yesterday, I created our webinar using the new corporate identity and the results were amazing. Everyone here is thrilled about the design, the branding and the graphics.

Katrien Strauven - Director Centrum Ganspoel


Visual powerful and user-friendly

Our main goal was to create a well-organized, user-friendly website with a clear navigation, operable for people with or without any visual disability. Obviously the design itself needed to be visually appealing, and we opted for smooth shapes.

Not only visual, but also on a technical level the website is very accessible. The zooming range is huge and it's able to automatically present the essence of the text shown when needed, which comes in handy for people using a screen reader or people who navigate their pc with a keyboard or some special input equipment.

The design definitely had to be user-friendly so people with a visual disability could enjoy the website carefree. Obviously we also wanted it to look awesome for other people, combining these was a real challenge.

Emily - Webdesigner