Meet team Say Hey. Together we aim help our clients to inspire and impact the world around them.

We firmly believe in the power of teamwork: our team combines their strengths to overcome every challenge we face.

Dennis | Brand Strategist

Creative mind, loves biking and DIY-projects. A family man that enjoys an occasional Duveltje.

Dieter | Back-end Developer

Proud dad of two. A gaming mastermind who crushes everyone who dares to challenge him in foosball.

Marleen | Marketing

Lady of the house. Enjoys painting, Picon au vin blanc and heavy crossfit workouts.

Matthias | Back-end Developer

King of board games and math quizzes. Proud member of the soup club.

Pieter | Brand Designer

Edible garden specialist. Could eat Spicy Cali Sushi every day of the week. Proud owner of half-a-creek.

Bas | Creative Marketeer

Devoted dog dad. Loves minimalistic tattoos and chocolate spread sandwiches.

Estelle  | Brand Designer

Instagram addict. Sets her alarm for apero time and loves to discover the world on rollerskates. Digs Scandinavian design.

Emily | Web Designer UX & UI

Pasta lover. Member of Team Captain America for life. Enjoys afternoon walks.

Nick | Copywriter

FIFA Master & word artist. Enjoys a game of amateur football and post-game cafeteria debriefings.

Sara | Front-end Developer

Vinyl collector and LEGO addict. Has wild dreams of quiet trips to Cape Town and LA.

Sofie | Digital Marketeer

A true Carrie. Believes in the power of flowers and is an enthusiastic lover of the Italian kitchen, both cooking and tasting. Wine included, obviously!

Elisa | Account Manager

Padel Powerwoman. Can be found on the court after hours or enjoys the newest Netflix shows on a rainy Sunday. Recently got hooked on Korean drama series.

That sums up our mixed bag of talents for now. We love our team, and enjoy every project we build together.