Meet team Say Hey. Together we aim help our clients to inspire and impact the world around them.

We firmly believe in the power of teamwork: our team combines their strengths to overcome every challenge we face.

Dennis | Brand Strategist

Creative mind, loves biking and DIY-projects. A family man that enjoys an occasional Duveltje.

Dieter | Back-end Developer

Proud dad of two. A gaming mastermind who crushes everyone who dares to challenge him in foosball.

Marleen | Marketing

Lady of the house. Enjoys painting, Picon au vin blanc and heavy crossfit workouts.

Matthias | Back-end Developer

King of board games and math quizzes. Proud member of the soup club.

Jürgen | Creative Director

Life lover. Loves roasting chestnuts with his daughters. As an amateur ornithologist, he enjoys all feathered descendant of dinosaurs.

Pieter | Brand Designer

Edible garden specialist. Could eat Spicy Cali Sushi every day of the week. Proud owner of half-a-creek.

Bas | Creative Marketeer

Devoted dog dad. Loves minimalistic tattoos and chocolate spread sandwiches.

Estelle  | Brand Designer

Instagram addict. Sets her alarm for apero time and loves to discover the world on rollerskates. Digs Scandinavian design.

Emily | Web Designer UX & UI

Pasta lover. Member of Team Captain America for life. Enjoys afternoon walks.

Glenn | Video & Photographer

Fantasy Viking. Wishes he was born in the woods (with his camera), preferably in the world of Tolkien.

Nick | Copywriter

FIFA Master & word artist. Enjoys a game of amateur football and post-game cafeteria debriefings.

Sara | Front-end Developer

Vinyl collector and LEGO addict. Has wild dreams of quiet trips to Cape Town and LA.

Sofie | Digital Marketeer

A true Carrie. Believes in the power of flowers and is an enthusiastic lover of the Italian kitchen, both cooking and tasting. Wine included, obviously!

Elisa | Account Manager

Padel Powerwoman. Can be found on the court after hours and enjoys Korean drama on Netflix on rainy Sundays.

Joyce | Photo & Videographer

Nature Kiwi. Seizes the day, loves Phoebe's wonderful weirdness in Friends and dreams of a New Zealandic roadtrip with an oldschool van.

Suzy | HR - Accounting - Administration

Early bird. Enjoys the morning silence during a walk with her Dutch Shepherd and loves to spoil her friends & family with good food. Her dream trip? Cruising the American roads from San Fran to Vancouver on her bike.

Ward | Data Admin

Technical Ace. Hits winners both in the office and on the tennis court, and never changes the channel when John Wick is on.

Joël | Front-end Developer

A real BlueFollows Chelsea closely when he's not on the pitch himself, and focuses on enjoying life instead of looking for the worst in everything.

Bram II | Front-end Developer

Digital Rally Specialist. Finds serenity behind the gaming wheel with the support of epic Hans Zimmer tunes and dreams of combining Scandinavian living with the Italian cuisine.

That sums up our mixed bag of talents for now. We love our team, and enjoy every project we build together.