Pizzapunt stands for tasty oven-fresh take-away pizzas with fresh flavours and toppings.


An simple but nonetheless challenging assignment: Name & brand our pizza take-away, and create a simple website.


Simple but catchy

Punt is Dutch for “point” (as in a takeaway pickup-point) and also for “slice”, as in pizza slice... Well, you probably have to be Dutch to get it. Anyway, trust us, it's catchy :)


Going for takeaway pizza is fun, simple and enjoyable. Hence, we made the brand playful and enjoyable. The kitchen ingredients shapes of paprika, tomatoes, onions... helped us create a brand matching the idea behind it.


A ready to go website

No-nonsense and compact, easy accessible and well-organized. These are the ingredients for a successful Pizzapunt-website. Super-mobile-friendly of course, with everything you need to know just one click away.