Sound of Silence

Sound of Silence is a campaign with a strong voice and a clear purpose: addressing the desperate COVID situation where the event sector found itself in. #SOS knocked on Say Hey's door to conceptualize their ideas and develop a graphic and communication campaign to get their message to the public.


Mixed media campaign

For this project, we worked closely together with people in the event sector, especially Katrien Vermeire who is one of the founders of Sound of Silence. The result is a striking visual identity marked by the now widely recognized orange cross. The first phase involved a social media campaign, but soon the concept grew into an all-round online and offline platform. Sound of Silence was everywhere, with “silent” protests in the streets and own merchandise: posters, T-shirts, stickers, … All expressing the same clear-cut message: Please listen to us.

Give us perspective. Show us respect. Save our culture. #SOS #soundofsilence

Charlotte de Witte | dj

online & offline

Memorable communication

The goal of Sound of Silence is creating a societal common ground for the whole sector, with clear communication about policy decisions concerning the companies involved in events and the culture sector. In addition it wants to give a voice to all the affected enterprises and their several thousands employees. Recognizability stood out as a focus point, matching the Sound of Silence-message with powerful words and images.

It's particularly the recognizability of the visual identity that enforces the campaign. We turned a concept into clear communication with an impactful, powerful call to action.


Silent protest

Sound of Silence also organised a silent protest on all big squares in Belgium, including a giant orange cross spread across those squares. With this symbolic gesture, the people behind Sound of Silence asked for some perspective for the whole sector.

Event sector needs strong leader

Sound of Silence worked together with Say Hey to develop a far-reaching Facebook campaign, addressing Belgian politicians. It may seem more or less playful and teasing, but actually points out their responsibilities straight away. It encourages the leading politicians to save the event sector from drowning, or at least listen to their worries.

media attention

#SOS goes viral

Sound of Silence didn’t go unnoticed. The campaign went viral after just a matter of days, because the message was so clear and powerful. Facebook was drained in orange after everyone put the cross in question on their profile picture. The page quickly reached more than 100.000 people and had an active community of more than 30.000 followers. Even DJ Charlotte de Witte  and singer-songwriter Selah Sue heavily supported #SOS.