Let's build a green future together


Ecoworld is an innovative provider of green energy solutions. Say Hey provided them with a full rebranding that empowered their power and skills.


Let's keep it blue

In a world filled with green energy experts, we chose to go with a blue colour palette, which underlined their unique graphic identity.


We created an awesome brand from scratch and worked on every single detail. Not only developing a new logo in the process, but also choosing fonts, shapes and significant colours.

We had to make sure Ecoworld represented coolness and had a high tech look, while keeping a professional and trustworthy appearance.

Estelle | brand designer


A powerful brand obviously needs powerful images, which led to badass at work photos and videos in black and white.

Your future, our concern

A website filled with high tech animations and catchy copywriting underlines the brand's world that's always in motion, always moving to future solutions.


When creativity meets technology

Ecoworld’s new website shows the perfect mix between a unique design, creative copywriting and high-level web development.