SEAT Commercial

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Call it a plan

SEAT loves technology and design. The Spanish car brand builds trendy cars not only to race the streets of Barcelona, and is living up to its German pedigree. This message became the starting point for the production of a new commercial; SEATs are quality cars that will positively surprise many of us.


From concept to creation

Video triggers emotion at a fast rate, which is perfect to reach many audiences in a few seconds. Say Hey wrote a script telling a story that fits the brand and highlights the local SEAT-dealerships.

Say Hey and FD productions are proud to show the result of their two-day shoot. Good acting, flashy SEAT-cars and drones made this commercial emotional and personal.

It's a wrap

We proudly present the result of this project. Watch the full SEAT (dealership) commercial below.


Communication kicked into gear

In the commercial, which features different local dialects to highlight the geographical diversity of the four SEAT-dealers, was shown on several local tv-stations in 2021 and 2022. In addition an online campaign will be enrolled on the diverse social media channels from the different dealerships.

From the first brainstorm session in the office to hearing the last ‘action’ on the set, everyone part of the project went full-throttle. And it definitely paid off, the result is just amazing.

Bas Verplancke | Creative Marketeer