Amplify your brand reach with social video marketing

Your marketing communication plan absolutely has to contain social video marketing to keep your brand hot and in touch with your target audience. The goal? Improve the engagement of your audience with original videos and content. Don't hesitate to post them on both your social feeds (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and your website.

The key to success is a video marketing campaign that triggers engagement

A lot depends on your content and the bigger strategy behind your videos. You have to create extra value, make sure that the video has meaning for your brand. Interested viewers have to feel connected and involved in a split second. Trigger their desires, provoke a reaction, or push them to share and spread your message. With the right social strategy, you can be succesful.

Content strategy isn't just a cut out manual that every interested brand can use. It's actually the opposite, and has to be brand specific. Test your limits, broaden your horizon and dare to jump. Be creative, but stay relevant.

Bas Verplancke | Digital marketeer at Say Hey

From Instagram stories to TikTok videos

Social media apps grow all the time. Facebook and Instagram have been very useful for some time now, but hypes like Vine and TikTok come and go. There is room for testing, so go wild. Creating video content only gets easier and easier. All you need is a smartphone with a decent camera.


For example Instagram Stories. You can share both pictures and videos, so start creating! Promote your product, give your followers a look behind the scenes of your company, trigger them with new features, … Stories and Live Stories are the perfect tools to engage with your audience and create interaction, although they're only visible for 24 hours. It helps building trust between you and your (potential) clients, and brings your company and your followers together. 


The same thing applies to Facebook. Announcing new projects or products, making innovations or publishing aftermovies, Facebook can make it happen. The platform is getting more and more important for video content, so make sure you can keep interacting with your audience and your company will keep on growing. 


Even TikTok can be used for social videomarketing. On this app you can easily create and share short music videos, and before you know you and your company go viral. Here the likes are not the most important, it's really about content creation and making a difference. A random video from a rather unknown profile can suddenly be an online hit and reach a lot of people. TikTok started as an app for teenagers and youngsters, but there's a corporate influence that's gradually growing.

A powerful video that goes viral? Sounds like music to a lot of ears in the business world.