Ads are everywhere. Magazines and and TV ads are struggling; online ads are the real deal today. They're faster, cheaper and have more potential.

If you have the budget and/or the right product, search engine advertising is the place to be. Every second millions of people us Google search. You can experiment with Search Engine Advertising and try it out yourself, or let our experienced team advise and guide you. Spending a budget is easy, making it count is a different league.

While search engine optimization should probably be your long-term plan, SEA can deliver on the spot results if done right.

In general, SEA is a pay-per-click concept: you only pay when someone engages with your ad and clicks through. A successful campaign is always preceded by thorough research and a strategic plan. While the ad is running, you should keep experimenting and monitor the results. This way the ad campaign can be optimized and have the highest Return On Investment (ROI).

When you set up any campaign, be as specific as possible to the person you want to click that ad.

Joseph Bojang

Investing in social media advertising (SMA) will get your ads shown on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn. Filters like demography, locations and interests can get your ad to the right audience. Media rich options give you the opportunity to deliver the right message to your audience, and that's where your focus should be; the content of your ad.

If you target Facebook with your ads, you can refine your audience even more by adding a Facebook-pixel (tracking cookie) on your website. Cleverly retargeting your audience will give you a second change, but again; content is key. You can't just show the same ad again, you should think ahead and really try to find the right vibe. Our team will help you do just that; show the right ad to the right audience.