Being an intern at Say Hey in times of a pandemic

Last January, we welcomed Bo at Say Hey when she joined our team as an intern. Unfortunately from a safe distance or with a face mask, but we didn't let that spoil all the fun! Curious about her experience?

Hey Bo, tell us a little bit about yourself!

“So I'm Bo, 22 years old and a graduate in HR management. Currently, I'm pursuing a masters degree in applied economic sciences, specifically marketing. During this education programme we got the opportunity to do an internship, and I'm very glad to be ending up here at Say Hey. The rest is history!"

How did you experience your internship here?

“It didn't take long to feel like home at Say Hey. Sometimes you hear horror stories from other students who only had to make coffee or were used as some errand boy or girl. That's definitely not the case here. The assignments showed the perfect mix between research and creativity. I could draw up an analysis of the competition and construct a communication plan, learning a lot about the marketing industry while doing this. In addition, they assigned me the responsability to create social media posts and write several blog posts.”

With the internship at Say Hey, I got a taste of marketing and learned which kind of content can really support your brand.

Bo Casier | Intern at Say Hey

Which impact had the corona pandemic on your internship?

“Unfortunately, the corona virus forced me to work from home most of the time. Though once a week, I could come to the office, ask some questions and present my assignments. Obviously, it would've been fun to work from the Say Hey workplace every day, but they ensured the right mentoring from a distance as well. Say Hey provided comprehensive feedback and helpful tips & tricks. And let's be honest, it's not the worst to sleep a little late and to work in your sweatpants.”

And now the end of your Say Hey adventure is near ...

“Time sure flies! It has been a fun, interesting and educational internship, I learned at lot. I got a taste of the marketing sector and learned which kind of content can really help your brand to be noticed. I want to thank everyone at Say Hey for the great experience!”

No, thank you Bo! It was great to have you here. The brownies were delicious as well …